Gen thoughts about UCLA,Stanford, Texas,Florida and OU

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Gen thoughts about UCLA,Stanford, Texas,Florida and OU

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:ou: I will UCLA vs Stanford. UCLA currently leads 1-0 in the top of the 3rd courtesy of a solo home run off of a Canady rise ball. Canady is mixing in a lot of change ups. UCLA is stranded 2 base runners in the 3rd. Brady has been stuck out twice. Even if Stanford won tonight, I don’t think there is anyway Canada pitches the entire game tonight and then a double hitter tomorrow. Stanford did just tie up the game with a double by Kern. UCLA just pulled Terry with Tensely. Stanford just took the lead. I thought that UCLA would win tonight but they are in a dog fight. The more I watch UCLA. Once you get past the top of the order, the rest of their line up is not so daunting. If UCLA wins tonight I could see them maybe winning one game but not 2 against Texas
Now for Florida. They scored 6 runs against Alabama tonight. Jocelyn Erickson did hit a 3 run homer but it was not against the Alabama starter. It was against some little used 3rd pitcher.
Alabama put up 4 runs. If Rothrock pitches tomorrow I think OU will chase her by the 4th inning. The biggest question is who will start for OU tomorrow. Does anyone know how many left handed batters Florida had in their starting line up
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