Now that OU's ticket is punched - other Super Regionals of interest...

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Now that OU's ticket is punched - other Super Regionals of interest...

Post by SoonerGirl1201 »

I was hoping A&M could somehow get up on texas but didn't really expect it to happen. Would love to see the Aggies close out the horns tomorrow. That would almost be too perfect.

The LSU win against Stanford is pretty impressive and I actually fully expect them to close out Stanford tomorrow. I do not think I want to have to meet up with them anytime too soon. They would be 8/9 seed so the A&M/texas winner can have at them.

Looks like UCLA is coming in very strong. I thought they were left for dead in February, but they have really started hitting their stride as well. I think since they are the 6 see they too would be in the #1 seeded teams part of the bracket. I hope between A&M/texas/UCLA/LSU they knock each other around. However, I think there is that weird part of the bracket where the 1/8 loser switches to the #2 side of the bracket and the 2/7 loser (hopefully Duke/Missouri) switches to the #1 side of the bracket, so we could see an A&M/texas vs LSU loser coming into our bracket. Hmmm. Oh well, let's just play 'em as they come! :ou:
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