Been thanked (like) and Have thanked (liked)

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Been thanked (like) and Have thanked (liked)

Post by Oklahombre »


Somethings wrong or at least on my side. Take OU Guy's thanked and been thanked and they are sitting at 11 and 25 on my last showing. I have thanked him 11 times myself recently. Maybe it's just on my side, but something's wrong. The same goes for Wishbone's numbers.

Thanks and Thanks, again... :dude:
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Post by OU Chinaman »

...I think the "Thanked counter" may have reverted back to zero. Might have happened when the banners came down.
So, we start over. :cool:

(OU Tom can probably explain it. Just my guess.)

:ou: :ou: :ou: :rice:
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Post by Bixby_Sooner »

Well, I don't like that (if that's what it was).
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